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AWS blog is 15 years old!

Jeff Barr on his AWS journey from Microsoft to Amazon, as well as the “services” from Amazon when it first launched, such as EC2, S3 and more

Technology Radar from Thoughtworks

Too many technologies out there? Jumping on and off between them? This is a framework from thoughtworks on how to evaluate technologies in software engineering from four aspects: Techniques, Tools, Platforms and Languages & Frameworks

Kite: Your programming co-pilot

An intelligent code suggestion tool for various popular code editors such as VS Code. Seems this is the future of coding?

Why Jupyter is data scientists’ computational notebook of choice

The article explained the massive adoption of Jupyter notebook as choice computation, as well as the challenges ahead such as reproducibility and more

The Mistry of Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

The term Data Scientist are usually confused to some, the article detailed the usual flow of duties across the data pipeline, from data warehouse to actual model development and deployment


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